2020 Final Report

Grant recipients are required to submit a final report on completion of the project The report must follow the format below, and must be submitted electronically by March 15, 2021 at 11:59 PDT to info@hemophiliaalliancefoundation.org.

As you will see below, this form also serves as a vehicle to request project and budget amendments, and to request a deadline extension. These requests should not be made lightly. The Hemophilia Alliance Foundation Board expects projects to be completed in the grant-year timeline. However, we recognize that unanticipated circumstances may arise, and for this reason we will entertain requests for project, budget, and/or deadline changes. Failure to submit a Final Report will result in ineligibility to apply for a grant the following year.

  • 2. Contact information

  • 9. Financial report: Please reproduce here the original budget, adding a column showing actual expenses.*

  • Item Budgeted Actual Spent  
  • Note 1: After clicking the “Submit” button below, a notification email will be sent to the Contact Person’s email address that includes a copy of your report in PDF format. The PDF will be attached to the email.
  • Note 2: If, after submitting the form, you don’t receive a notification email in your Inbox, then please
    check your spam folder and whitelist the email address “info@hemophiliaalliancefoundation.org”.