2018 Grant Applications

  1. Alaska Hemophilia Association
  2. Bleeding and Clotting Disorders Institute
  3. Bleeding Disorder Foundation of Washington
  4. Bleeding Disorders Alliance Illinois
  5. Bleeding Disorders Association of Northeastern New York
  6. Bleeding Disorders Education, Inc.
  7. BloodCenter of Wisconsin
  8. Cascade Hemophilia Consortium
  9. Center for Comprehensive Care and Diagnosis of Inherited Blood Disorders (CIBD)
  10. Center for Inherited Blood Disorders
  11. Central California Hemophilia Foundation
  12. Central Ohio Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation
  13. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  14. Children’s Minnesota
  15. Colorado Chapter, National Hemophilia Foundation
  16. Connecticut Hemophilia Society
  17. Dayton Children’s Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center
  18. East Carolina University
  19. Florida Hemophilia Association
  20. Foundation for Women & Girls with Blood Disorders
  21. Gateway Hemophilia Association
  22. Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation
  23. Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation – Regional Core Center
  24. Great Plains Bleeding and Clotting Disorders
  25. Hemophilia Alliance of Maine, Inc.
  26. Hemophilia Association of the Capital Area
  27. Hemophilia Association of San Diego County
  28. Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders of Alabama
  29. Hemophilia Center of Western New York – Grant Request 1 – Described by applicant as “Somewhat Redundant”
  30. Hemophilia Council of California
  31. Hemophilia Center of Western New York – Grant Request 2
  32. Hemophilia Federation of America
  33. Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida
  34. Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan
  35. Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan – Great Lakes Regional Core Center
  36. Hemophilia Foundation of Minnesota/Dakotas
  37. Hemophilia Foundation of Maryland
  38. Hemophilia Foundation of Oregon
  39. Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California
  40. Hemophilia of Indiana
  41. Hemophilia of Iowa
  42. Hemophilia of North Carolina
  43. Hemophilia of South Carolina
  44. Hope for Hemophilia
  45. Idaho Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation
  46. Kentucky Hemophilia Foundation
  47. Louisiana Hemophilia Foundation
  48. Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center
  49. Mount Sinai Hemophilia Treatment Center
  50. Mountain States Hemophilia Network
  51. MSU Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders
  52. Nebraska Chapter, National Hemophilia Foundation
  53. Nebraska Chapter, National Hemophilia Foundation and Nebraska Medicine HTC
  54. New England Hemophilia Association (NEHA) and the Rhode Island Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center
  55. New York City Hemophilia Chapter
  56. Nevada Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation
  57. Rocky Mountain Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders Association
  58. Sangre de Oro, Inc.
  59. Southwestern Ohio Hemophilia Foundation
  60. Tennessee Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders Foundation
  61. United Hemophilia Foundation
  62. University of California, San Diego Health Hemophilia and Thrombosis Treatment Center
  63. University of California, San Francisco
  64. University of Iowa Center for Advancement
  65. University of Louisville (UL) Hemophilia Treatment Center
  66. University of Louisville Pediatric Hemophilia Treatment Center
  67. Virginia Hemophilia Foundation
  68. Western Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation
  69. Western Virginia Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation